Commercial Analysis

Proven method and web-based tool for performing business due diligence with a focus on assessment of competitiveness, identification of strategic opportunities, and launch of initiatives mitigating of critical risks .

Increase Your Business' Robustness

Metaphor: The Warrior's Armor
An army consists of warriors; a company of business areas. Each warrior’s chance of long-term survival in war depends not only on the strength and sharpness of weapons relative to that of the enemy, skills in using them but equally well upon the robustness of the armor.

To achieve a high Freedom to Act one must:

  • Identify and exploit strengths;
  • Identify and mitigate significant risk areas;
  • Avoid unnecessary risks;
  • Avoid wasting management time and efforts on less important factors.

Our Approach
A Freedom2Act Board Strategy Day or an Executive Weekend leads to a strengthening a company's robustness.

Board Strategy Day

The Freedom2Act Strategy Review™ approach is a quick and efficient way to improve operational results by increasing the business’s ability to realize its vision and reach its long-term financial goals. This is done by kick-off of initiatives removing critical business vulnerabilities.

It starts by defining the business drivers. Then we perform a data capture and commercial due diligence using our web-based tool. Lastly, we jointly establish an action plan aimed at improving the Freedom to Act.


Analysis without implementation closing identified gaps is an all too often seen challenge for management.

Our focus is providing visual tools showing assignments and how the risk mitigation pipeline progresses.

Time gains over tradition methods

The time gains, comparing with a traditional strategic consulting, are high. So are the cost savings, typically shaving off ten of thousands of Euros.

Strategic opportunities

Selected Testimonial

Group President, International Service Provider

"After the first analysis, I was very impressed. I found the processes used are down-to earth, very commercially minded, driven by reality rather than by theories. That was the reason why we decided for a review of the remainder of the company involving the management team of the whole group. I’m equally happy and impressed with the processes after this second time. The mindset of me and my management team have changed somewhat after these last three days."

SVP, International Fire Service

"Contains what is required to analyze a company and come to concrete actions."
"The analysis is based upon internal knowledge."
"Provides a more strict business case."
"Visibility on competences."
"Rapid identification of problem areas."
"Method well suited a jumpstart of integration processes."
"May increase the multiplier from e.g. 6½ to 7."

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