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Performance-Based Reporting: New Management Tools for Unpredictable Times

John Wiley & Sons, Ltd., september 2005

Review in the US Newsletter for Financial Services Auditors magazine got a readership score of over 60%, while the average score is in the 30´s. 
Some extracts from the review:
In Performance-Based Reporting, the authors not only highlight the weaknesses of accounting, but also propose empirically tested alternatives. The book casts a new light on Sarbanes-Oxley, its background and the challenges facing businesses as they assess the reliability and relevancy of their reporting efforts. - - - The book sets the stage for organizations to debate the future of their reporting practices. - - - This book challenges millions of traditionalists worldwide - accountants and auditors who depend on accounting for their living, executives, lawyers, legislators, tax authorities,academics, investors, analysts and many more - who see accounting as the only possible platform for company reporting."

2020 - Economic, industry and corporate trends

Economist Intelligence Unit , Marts 2006

Strategisk risikostyring og handlefrihed

Minikronik i Erhvervsbladet, 23. februar 2005

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About Blue Ocean Strategy

Blue Ocean Strategy: W. Chan Kim og Renée Mauborgne, Harward Business Review, 2004
En af de artikler, der dannede grundlag for bogen: Blue Ocean Strategy.


Samsung’s comprehensive application of Value Innovation (the first component of BOS focused on strategy formation) is outlined in detail in the five-part series of articles downloadable below (Korean Economic Daily April-May 2004). The articles reveal that Value Innovation is Samsung’s core tool for product development and played a significant role in helping Samsung become the world’s top consumer electronics company. 

Blue Ocean Strategy and Samsung Innovation Series I.pdf

Blue Ocean Strategy and Samsung Innovation Series II.pdf

Blue Ocean Strategy and Samsung Innovation Series III.pdf

Blue Ocean Strategy and Samsung Innovation Series IV.pdf

Blue Ocean Strategy and Samsung Innnovation Series V.pdf