Sales Portfolio Management

The Challenge

A challenge to management is where to focus resources: in which business areas, on which customer target markets, on which product lines, in which region, which salesperson on which accounts, etc. Often knowledge about the company's as-is situation is blurred by the amount of information available. Furthermore, the solving of day to day issues distracts attention from the handling the big picture.


One method is to use sophisticated business intelligence systems with input from the company's IT-based systems. Often such solutions are hampered by the cost of integration and the time taken to obtain useful results.

It is our experience that it is rewarding to perform a segmentation of the company's income streams onto a suite of portfolios adapted to the need and structure of the company:

Account managersCCO and sales managers
Business areasCEO/CFO/CCO
Business unitsCEO/CFO/CCO
CustomersCCO and salespersons
Customer target marketsMarketing and sales
Product linesCCO/CTO and salespersons
RegionsMarketing and sales
Sales opportunitiesCCO, sales managers and salespersons

The income stream comes from sales opportunities inclusive existing customers and projects. 

Each opportunity should be assessed by its attractiveness to the company by answering the following fundamental questions:

  • Do we want to win?
    - What's the customer's behavior?
    - What's the strategic march?
    - What's the business potential?
  • Can we win?

The method can be used to benchmark attractiveness of what's in the sales pipeline e.g. division by division, region by region, product line by product line, account manager by account manager, etc. or combinations of these.

The Solution

Freedom2Act helps companies to use their resources more eficiently by targeting the most valuable and profitable sales opportunities and portfolio segments.

The easy-to-use web-based Sales Portfolio Management tool helps to quickly establish a snapshot of the company's "as-is" situation. The tool turns efficiently and systematically the knowledge of the organization about its customer base into valuable and easy to interprete information. Informative graphics serves as a vehicle for proactive rather than reactive management decisions. Decisions, which are made leveraging the organization's collective knowledge and not just that of a few.

Portfolio of four business units. 
Each pie represents a sales opportunity. The size of a circle equals the total purchases of similar products and services by the customers anayzed. 

"Portfolio" of five salespersons. 
Each sales opportunity is presented by a rectangle. The height of a sales opportunity is determined by the contract value and the color by its attractiveness.