Fast, effective method to eliminate business vulnerabilities


Today’s business mantra is "agility is critical for success".

A gazelle is agile. It runs fast, weaving to avoid predators.
But who wins the survival race, gazelle or man?

Short term, a gazelle will always outrun a man, but the gazelle's vulnerability is endurance.

Man is an enduring hunter, able to go on day after day with only a sparse supply of food. The gazelle will die from hunger before the man.

While agile, the gazelle is not robust.


No armor is stronger than its most vulnerable area!

No chain in stronger than its weakest link!

How does this relate to business?

Companies survive and prosper in a competitive world by eliminating or mitigating significant risks and vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities are identified by analyzing the relationship between each facet of a company's businesses and its stakeholders.

The Freedom2Act Strategy Review™ – an approach that makes the difference.

Freedom2Act Strategy Review™ is a focused, intensive process that requires the active involvement of your management team. It will create extraordinary results in just three days, for example during an extended weekend.

The process is supported by authorized consultants from Freedom2Act or one of our partners.

How can it be done so fast?

The philosophy is the same as companies increasingly apply it to manufacturing, sales, administration, and to other parts of their process. The principle? Lean - cut the slack!

No slack!

There is no slack in a Freedom2Act Strategy Review™!

A typical strategy consultant uses weeks for lengthy interviews, intermediate reports, long meetings with separate groups, finally pulling it all together into a combined approach.

Freedom2Act Strategy Review™ all those steps are speeded up into one unified process with everyone involved, at the same time.

How does it happen?

The top management team brings data, requested by Freedom2Act in advance.

Day 1
The process starts with business mapping viewing the businesses with the customers' eyes followed by a computer-supported online interview.

Day 2
The interview spills over to the second day and covers the company’s total environment and most important business areas. It stimulates discussions among the team members, leading to joint positions on each issue. A checklist, with all questions and answers, is signed off at the end.

Then the unique Freedom2Act business analysis software processes all the information and delivers a comprehensive report with charts, graphs, tables and detailed conclusions.

The report provides, in clear visuals, the main factors that may be crucial to the company. In addition, a list of all significant risk areas is generated.

Each key factor can then be given time and attention, and decisions made.

Day 3
The management team works out a fully documented action plan aimed at closing the significant risk areas revealed during the fact-finding process. The process is the catalyst to increase the company’s ability to realize its vision and reach its long-term financial goals.

A deep feeling of achievement.

At the end of the process, the management can share a deep feeling of achievement. They emerge as a team, each having had their chance to contribute.

Every participant buys into the results, having been party to their creation and at the same time, having heard the opinions and priorities of the others.

Time and cost-effective.

The most important benefit in the Freedom2Act Strategy Review™approach is the quality of the process. More than a thousand businesses have been analyzed using the method, and every analysis has proven to be correct.

The time gains in comparison with a traditional methods are obvious. So are the cost savings, typically tens of thousands of Euros.