Freedom2Act Strategy Review™

The Freedom2Act Strategy Review™ is a proven method applied in more than thousand large and small businesses for effectively dealing with the challenges associated with improving the position of a company.

The Freedom2Act Strategy Review™ is a quick and efficient way to improve operational results by increasing a business’s ability to realize its vision and reach its long-term financial goals. It helps identify the strong and weak spots, and to quickly launch and follow-up on mitigation initiatives leading to a strengthening of the robustness of the business.

It includes two workshops with the management team guided by two authorized consultants from Freedom2Act or one of our partners:

Fact-finding Workshop:
    1-2 day interview establishing a shared, realistic and honest view
    of the business, its markets and its "as-is" situation.

Freedom2Act Workshop:
   Launches initiatives that will increase the business' robustness
   leading to a greater Freedom to Act.

The resulting action plan is supported by a comprehensive report with intuitive and easy to communicate graphs and charts. Furthermore, progress overviews help to maintain the momentum of the mitigation process.


Director, Management and Internal Audit, € 7,5 bio. Finish Group

"Having used the method for 18 business area analyses, we consider the analysis model and its way of thinking to be a practical useful instrument for identification of an and organization's risks and for improved control. Furthermore, it is a very good group tool."

CEO, Norwegian Ferry Line

"One doesn’t fall asleep here – you are right on target with your questions and they are relevant. It gave me more, that I originally expected; it is always healthy to see your company with new eyes and ways. You have given us a common basis for decisions, which we will continue to work on."

Chief Internal Auditor, Major Railroad Group

Using this method in our internal auditing process helped us focus directly on areas where we needed to take action. We have been able to increase the precision in our work, while at the same time saving 75% of our work time.”

CEO, Swedish Automotive Parts Supplier

This year’s process was even better than last year’s. It was easier for me to assimilate and I found it easier to realize where we stand. I only regret that we did not include our chairman from the beginning. Our risks and opportunities were extremely well laid out."

CEO, SEK 1 bln. Swedish Subsidiary

The most important benefits with the analysis were:
1. that the management group finally thanks to the process could focus on strategic issues and simultaneously gained a better understanding of the importance of focus on strategy and not just operational factors;
2. The process was very good training in strategic thinking for the management team.
3. that he as CEO obtained a more complete overview of the company’s strategic strengths, which he could use to communicate to the corporate German HQ.”