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Roadmap to a Productive Board Strategy Day

March12, 2020

Use a day with management to:

  • efficiently perform a business health check;
  • identify significant financial, strategic and operational risks;
  • quickly launch initiatives aimed at increasing the company’s ability to realize its vision and reach its long-term financial goals.
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Fast, effective method to eliminate business vulnerabilities!

March 8, 2020

Today’s business mantra is "agility is critical for success".

A gazelle is agile. It runs fast, weaving to avoid predators.
But who wins the survival race, gazelle or man?

Man does!

Find out how to harness your business?

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"An Executive Weekend can make the difference"

Feb 3, 2020

That is the first remark from most attendees after participating in a Freedom2Act Executive Weekend.
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Harvest the Low Hanging Fruits

June 20, 2011

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Portfolio Management

Oct 29, 2019

It is a challenges to any management where to focus resources: In which business area, on which customer target markets, on which product lines, in which region, etc. Frequently, the solving of day to day issues distracts management's attention from the handling the big picture. Furthermore, the knowledge about the company's as-is situation is often blurred by the amount of information available.

New insight can be obtained looking at the business as a suite of interrelated portfolios.
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Sales Opportunity Qualification

Aug 16, 2019

Sales opportunity management is the key to improving results. A lot of companies struggle with identifying and prioritizing the best sales opportunities amongst their prospects and amongst the deals they're working on.

Best in class companies do a great job at sales opportunity management by spending regular time systematically analyzing their sales pipeline, analyzing each customer opportunity, and prioritizing the allocation of resources to make sure that the focus are on the most valuable and profitable sales opportunities of the portfolio and converting these into contracts.
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Drop the Troublesome Customers

Aug 1, 2019

In times of fierce competition and in the aftermath of the financial crisis no company can afford to serve customers who do not create some kind of value to the selling company in relation to the efforts made by the company in serving these clients. Value might be in the form of profit but may also be caused by other factors, e.g. increasing the company's purchasing power or the client being a strong reference.

A Fall 2009 survey conducted by Business Danmark showed that 20% of the clients of every 4th company were bad customers. 85 pct. of salespersons answered positive on having customers, who do not create value.
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Testimonials on Freedom2Act Strategy Review

  • "The method is down to earth";
  • "Contains what is required to analyze a company and come to concrete actions";
  • "Provides a more strict business case";
  • "Visibility on the companys capabilities;;
  • "Rapid identification of problem areas";
  • "Good to jumpstart integration processes";
  • "Extremely useful to the due diligence processes for acquisitions. Could impact the multiplier by 1-2 points!";
  • "Effective transfer of knowledge from the acquired to the purchaser";
  • "Using this method in our internal auditing process helped us focus directly on areas where we needed to take action. We have been able to increase the precision in our work, while at the same time saving 75 per cent of our working time.".

Testimonials on Sales Opportunity Management

  • "We increased the efficiency of our sales force by 50 pct. by systematically identifying the most interesting sales opportunities in terms of value and profitability."
    "Applying the dynamic and "easy-to-use" sales tool we were able to quickly select the best 30 targets from a list of 150 potential sales opportunities."
  • "Easier identification of attractive opportunities"
  • "Quick Overview"
  • "Clear identification of the low hanging fruits"
  • "Focus on where efforts are required"
  • "The tool gave me a clear indication of which direction to go in a difficult customer decision"
  • "Easy to use and immediate results"
  • "Quick hatching out in leads that does not really lead to anything"
  • "A relevant product for any account manager. It gives an immediate and comprehensive overview of customers after answering few but relevant sales qualification questions".